It’s Me!

This is just my blog about things that I love and what’s going on in my life right now. I always like to make lists because I have a lot going on and it’s an easy way to keep track of things. I LOVE art in all its facets. The idea of blogging was introduced to me through an assignment in a past semester of college. Even though I didn’t start a blog then, I instantly fell in love with the idea of it. SOooo I decided to make my own. But I found that I was editing myself too much even then. Recently I have had a lot of changes in my life and it lead me to “turn over a new leaf”. Which is to say that I want to let go of all the negativity of the past and live a life that makes me happy. SO my posts will be just that! Things that I like and that make ME happy. That’s it in a nut  shell. If anyone reading my blog has any questions (that are of a non perverted nature ;3 ) feel free to ask.


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