This Week…Lambert’s !!!!!


Yesterday I went on a trip to eat at Lambert’s Cafe. This was not my first time going but hadn’t been in a while. I have to say, this place gets better every time I come. When my group first arrived I was a little anxious because we were number 238 and they had just called group number 206. YES! They are were that busy. But for a very good reason.


I sat on the bus and planned out my order because I didn’t want to waste any time when I actually got in. To my surprise the wait was not very long at all for the amount of people. About 35 minuted for a party of 41. Now what I really loved was the fact that within three minutes of being seated I already had a drink, an huge roll, and a pile of yummy fired okra.


I know this place is famous for their thrown rolls, but that is really only the start of what makes this restaurant so great. It’s huge and has a good atmosphere because everyone in the room is enjoying themselves. The staff staff is fun and upbeat.

I think one of the things I loved the most was food. The thrown rolls is not just a gimmick. They are huge warm and delicious! This is the only restaurant I know of that over feeds it’s customers. The more I ate, the bigger my plate got. That’s because of all the food they pass around. I got full, and then I got to take the food I actually ordered home with me.


All my food was delicious…..nuff said!

And when I was done I bought a jumbo cinnamon, roll got back on the bus and headed to the mall

This was a really good first highlight of my week : )


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