My Hair (Product hits & misses)

I want beautiful, long, healthy hair. AND I WILL HAVE IT! I have recently started a new hair care routine in order to reach my goal of having healthier hair. This routine consists of washing (wetting) my hair more often to add moisture, not using heat, minimizing the use of products I use, and wearing protective styles to cut down on damage. When I set my mind to do something I really commit with my whole heart. My hair used to be so long and my mother always helped me to maintain it. But when I got older she had to take a second job and didn’t have as much time to help me with my hair. Suddenly I was responsible for the care of my own hair. There was so much of it and I honestly had no idea what to do with it. Needless to say, disaster was immanent. Within the course of a year my hair was completely damaged and most of it was gone. I still couldn’t figure out why though. That’s when I started doing as much research as I could to find out  ways to grow hair. What I learned was the less I did to my hair, the better. I has taken a full year and about two heads of hair later, but my hair is finally healthy and below my shoulders. But of course I want it longer ; ) I am determined to grow my hair long again. This is a summary of some of the products I have tried so far. Some were great & I continue to use and others… should save your money on.

Curly hair is different in that it needs more moisture. It is also different, in that a person may have multiple textures of curly hair on their head. I learned that just because a product doesn’t work the first time I try it doesn’t mean it’s no good. Sometimes different sections of my hair require more or less of a product, or a totally different product. So you may need to play around with them first. But there are basics that I need, and I think all people with curly hair might benefit from.

I’ll go ahead and get the dud out of the way first. Hummm what can I say about Smooth’n Shine’s Olive & Tea Tree RevivOil. IT SUCKS (in my humble opinion). That’s it. It just sucks. The box says it’s a quench and repair potion and that it transforms hair on a microscopic level. Well I don’t know about all that. I can’t see on a microscopic level but it sure didn’t feel good.

 It comes with three treatments, but half of one is all I needed. I have used tea tree oil before on my skin and liked the results, which is what caused me to try this. But this “potion” didn’t remind me anything of tea tree oil or olive oil. The bottle is filled with a strange, glittery liquid. the directions say to shake well and apply to hair. When I began to apply it to my hair I quickly stopped. The smell was strong, and I know, I know..tea tree oil smells strong. But this smell was almost like alcohol. The consistency was runny like water and it instantly made my hair feel dry and stripped of its natural oils. INSTANTLY. Upon reading the box further(which i should have done at the friggin store) it listed Panthenol and Silicones as some of its main ingredients. The other ingredients were indecipherable mess Science words 8 ( …that should have been an sign of the overall quality of the products from the beginning. But anyway, lesson learned. No matter how nice the box makes something sound, if I can’t understand even one ingredient then I will stay clear of that product.   NEXT!

 Vitamins & Moroccan Argan Oil. These are my new favorites when it comes to my hair and my overall health. They are pretty simple. I got B-12 because I need more energy. Not really for my hair, but if your drowsy like me it could really help. I may even explain all the laziness : )

Vitamin E  

I read that Vitamin E is good for hair growth so I thought, why not give it a try. I will update later if I see any significant changes in my hair. But it could hurt just to take an extra vitamin anyway. Besides hair growth vitamin E is also an antioxidant. It promotes a healthy heart, and can help the immune system, prostate(if you have one lol) and mental health.

The Moroccan Argan Oil by Organix is wonderful. It smells great and really adds a shine to my hair. It is said to provide natural vitamin E and repair the hairs cell structure. It says specifically for coarse and dry hair. Like I said before, I have no way of seeing  my hair’s cell structure, but I love this oil. It really does smooth my hair so easily. I use it to seal my ends when I braid my hair. It makes them smooth and all point in the same direction. I also apply it to the middle of my hair, which is the driest and to the edges of my hair. I love the way it seals in moisture and the extra frizz control since I am no longer straightening my hair. I think I will always use this on my hair.

Olive oil. This goes back to the less is more thing. I love olive oil because it naturally moisturizes and seals my hair. I apply it all over my hair when I get out of the shower. It adds shine I don’t ever feel like it’s too greasy. It is just the right amount of oil for my hair. It keeps my hair so moisturized that I can maintain my styles easily. I used to use moose to hold my curl pattern and keep down frizz but that was very drying. I even tried gel, but I just don’t like gel. It makes my hair hard and it doesn’t shine. I’m just not comfortable putting a lot of product or chemicals in my hair right now because I don’t want anything to go wrong and stop my growth  so natural is best. If you want natural shine, hold and moisture, get some olive oil.

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pak  is AMAZING. I have actually been using this for a long time. I use this as a deep conditioner once a week. I love how it makes my hair so soft. This is really one I think every natural curly girl should have…or at least try. TRY IT : D

I hope this could help anyone who decided to grow their hair out natural. Any questions or even advice for me. Feel free to comment.


One thought on “My Hair (Product hits & misses)

  1. funny – the Olive and Tea Tree Oil Quench and Repair potion worked awesome for me. People were instantly asking me what I did to my hair and that it looked so healthy! It was smooth and silky.
    I am a Caucasian woman, blonde, long straight hair, so perhaps that accounts for the different result, obviously you would have a much different hair makeup than mine. Nice post though, and good luck in finding your perfect hair care!

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