Summer Vacation Packing Guide

Summer Vacation Packing Guide

Summer Packing Post

The more I travel, the more I detest packing. It really does become a hassle. Luckily for me, I’ve been traveling and moving almost constantly over the past year and a half , and I have gotten packing my bags down  to a science. Hopefully some of my tips will make packing easier for you.

Tip # 1 for packing blog redone
This was the main hurdle I had to clear. Basically I would spend the preceding weeks before my vacation shopping to find clothes to wear on the trip. Why, because I wanted to look cute when I got there. What I learned was that buying all those clothes, only to pack them was a waist of my time and effort. First of all, traveling is not necessarily a glamorous activity. Cars, airplanes, buses….you really have no one to look good for. Now I’m not saying to dress like a bum. What I am suggesting is that you only pack a few outfits worth of comfortable clothes to wear on your way to your destination. Then, shop when you get there! Saving the money for your actual vacation turns the shopping from a chore into part of the fun. Plus it helps to have the extra money as a backup in case something goes unexpectedly wrong(usually happens to me lol)
shopping on vacation is much more fun : )
TIP #2 redone

I understand your completely irrational fear….but you REALLY DON”T need to take your whole collection of makeup. Believe me, I’ve been there and it’s just a headache. Now I only take my foundation, bronzer, eye liner, mascara, and a basic neutral color pallet. It’s really not much for me…..

TIP #3 packing post

If you’re like me, your daily routine has at least six possible steps. But on vacation, you want to get to the fun as fast as possible. Only take what you need to be clean. Also, think about what you will be doing on your vacation. I’ve been trying not use any heat on my hair for the past two months, so I made sure to bring my conditioner and my olive oil and moroccan oil for my hair. Since I will be swimming I also picked a shampoo that I know will get my hair clean and get it back on the track to being healthy.

   So there you go! Three simple tips to hopefully cut your luggage by half. 

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