A Win For My Natural Hair

The other day I was getting ready in the bathroom. In walks my mom and all of a sudden she gasped and said “Your Hair Looks Beautiful”. I could have fallen out right there. My mom is NOT a supporter of my natural hair. I have gotten many compliments from others but nothing but negativity for her.  I thinks it’s because my mom remembers the days when I had long , shiny, straight hair. I’ll admit that my hair was beautiful. But I feel that she does not want to understand the reason why I stopped using heat on my hair in the first place. My long beautiful hair that she remembers was damaged by excessive straightening. Most of my hair had broken off. As a result, I had gone from mid back length hair, to thin, above shoulder length hair in about a year. Now I had lessened the amount of heat I used, but I was still loosing too much. Normally my hair grows very fast. It was growing back, but not as fast as it usually would, and I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong. Then it hit me….the heat. On day after walking home in the rain my hair was poofy and I had just gotten fed up with straightening it. With the way I sweat when I exercise and the humidity where I live, it was just pointless.

Anyway, I’m done ranting. The point I’m trying to make is that my mom complimenting my mom complimenting my natural hair is a huge deal! When I started wearing my hair like this I expected some negativity. What I did not expect was that almost everyone would love my hair EXCEPT my mom. It honestly hurt. But I feel like i’m old enough now to make my own decisions about what I want to do with my body. After all, if something goes wrong with my hair, I would rather be able to blame myself  than to do what someone else tells me and keep getting the same results. I have been wearing my hair curly for about a month and a half now and I have already seen the difference. For one thing, it’s growing fast. That’s because I haven’t been breaking my ends off with all the styling. It really felt good to have my mom compliment my hair, even though I don’t need it. She said it so quickly that I think even she was surprised! And I dared not ask her to repeat it.

I really hope anyone that is reading this can get some inspiration out of it. Sometimes you just have to do what you feel is right no matter what others have to say. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your hair, not even a family member. I know how hard it is not not have the people you care about most approve of the way you look. But if you you just keep going you will see results. You hair will get healthier and look beautiful. Success is the biggest I TOLD YOU SO to people that put down you hair. So keep going !


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  1. Go girl! Have you ever heard of a mobile app & website called”curly Nikkie”? If not, check it out! It’s an enlightening forum app/site for naturals but chemically processed are not discriminated lol. It’s a common place for loving & learning your natural tresses and you def won’t feel alone there, as we’re all (yes, I’m a natural curly too;-) ) experiencing some of the same things.
    From hair products to challenges…enjoy!

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