Classy Inspiration:Diana Ross

It frustrates me to see some people just a couple of years younger than me following celebrities that are just …AWFUL. I mean, from repeating vulgar lyrics in their songs, to dressing like them, and even using their crazy catch phrases. It ultimately leads to young teens who accept a level of classlessness and unaccountability from  celebrities that is shocking. And no one ever stops to consider that these people act in such a way only to gain attention. I highly doubt most celebrities are as outrageous as their personas. The way they behave on stage and in music videos should in no way be an example of behavior suitable for NORMAL PEOPLE in everyday life. I honestly saw a girl around thirteen years old some weeks ago dancing inappropriately and rapping something terrible in the grocery store. And her mom just stood there. Parents should really draw the line with who their children are allowed to imitate. Lol…some things are just for the grown folks. Everyone should have their own minds, their own souls and sense of self. There is nothing wrong with admiring someone famous. But if you’re going to idolize someone, at least make sure it is someone who is worth your time. Aaaaaaaanyway, I would like to conclude my little rant with someone I idolize who I consider to be a classy role model 😀







And I never offended anyone singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough lol


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