Look Sweet & Beat the Heat

It is SO hot where I live, that my summer style is just as much about staying cool as it is about looking cute. It’s easy to just throw on a tank and some shorts, but that’s just not an option all the time. So if you live in a hot , hot, EXTREMELY HOT, climate like me, here are four styles  that you can wear this summer to look cute while not feeling like you’re being smothered in your clothes.

Look One

My first look is fun while not being entirely too casual. The black shirt is a little more dressy to balance out the bright colors of the skirt. My star flip flops can be changed out for a ballet flat for an even more formal feel. And my bold necklace helps to pull the whole outfit together by matching the gold in my shoes and headband.

Got my necklace from Lorraine Tyne. It’s an online store with all sorts of beautiful accessories. Be sure to enter my coupon code ninasummer30 to get 30% off your next purchase there. If you want the necklace i’m wearing, it is called Aida and mine is in gold. The ring I am wearing is called the Japanese blossom ring & I also got it from there. 

Look Two

I love look two because it is very girly but you still get the feeling of not wearing many clothes…lol you know what I mean. IT’S HOT! It’s easy to recreate. Just pick a strapless dress in your favorite color(mine happens to be purple) and make sure you pick a breathable fabric. Nothing two heavy or made of a weird material.

Since this look is already very simple try to find a dress that has some interesting elements. Like how mine has stripes and little ruffles at the top and bottom. The key to looking cute while keeping cool in the summer is to play up your hair and accessories. They will give your outfits the flare they need while you can wear airy clothes that keep you cooler. No one wants to pass out trying to look cute on a date ; )

Look Three

Look three is a maxi dress with a thin wrap around belt. The dress is long, but again, the fabric is very loose and it doesn’t have any sleeves so it’s still cool.

Look Four

My final look is a flowy top and a pair of skinny jeans. The top is very lightweight and is lined with a beautiful trim at the bottom.

So there you have it! Four simple looks I turn to that are more appropriate for work, and going out, but still suitable for the hot summer temperatures.

As always in the summer, try to keep the makeup simple so your face will feel more clean.

I hope you enjoyed these cute and comfortable summer looks : )


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