More Pictures: My Memories & My Inspiration

I just realized that if I don’t go back and look at the pictures I have taken, then there is no point of taking them. Sometimes I get so busy and caught up in life. But if I go back and look at those old pictures, I always feel so much better. They remind me why it’s all worth it .

 This rose I drew on a card for my Grandpa on his 90th birthday last year…he loved it. I miss him so much now and it feels good to know that I showed him how much I loved him : )

First night away from home & I didn’t even have my nose ring yet lol…I’m thinking, “How will I get FOOD?!?!?”

apple chairs..what’ll they think of next

oldies but goodies :D….ok the first band I didn’t recognize but they were dressed really…cool lol

I’m roaming the streets at night looking for wedding cakes. Take that feminist professor !

I have a feeling I was hiding from something that day :/

ummm I think this exercise was about texture.  I do remember that it was windy and my papers went flying EVERYWHERE! & there was kind of a dangerous drop at the edge of the studio room ….

i’m not even sure about this one

the first time school actually almost killed me

dream homes…but the first one was just a scary house I passed

a happy day at home : )

A lovely neighborhood.

and a statue : )



One thought on “More Pictures: My Memories & My Inspiration

  1. We know your story goes on, you keep bringing new chapters that reveal a cherished love deep in your bosoom, flowering! yes we are allowed to use that word lol. Thanks for the journey around your area, it looks good fun….specially the apple chairs!

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