Accepting Love

Accepting Love

It is the best thing you can do for yourself. It can be hard as life does not always leave us feeling worthy of love. But absolutely everyone is. Accepting the love of God, loving ourselves, as well as the love of others is necessary. Love is action. When I see a person showing ginuen concern and love for me it can be hard to deal with sometimes. I think in my mind all the reasons that their love is not real and that eventually everyone will betray or wrong me. But life is a journey full of surprises. Consistent caring and love is the only way to bring someone like me to the realization that not everything in life has to fall apart. I now see a connection between loving myself and being able to love and accept love from others. Please try to accept love into your life. If anyone out there feels like me. It really is the only way to start healing wounds and enjoying your life.


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