Planning My Future Home (on the low low) ; )

My boyfriend doesn’t know that I’m already planning for our future home. And NO, I don’t thinks it’s crazy. I’m not so that controlling that I’ve actually picked out a home on a specific street and I am just waiting to give him wrong directions one day so that he will haphazardly drive down that street and then I’ll hit him with the  ” OH That was the home in my dream last night. What do you think it could mean? ” routine. (WINK WINK) Lol but no, seriously, I am just getting an idea of what I would like my future home to look like. Now my goal is not to financially BREAK my future hubby, so I thought it would be a good idea to look for ways to get everything I want, without spending a lot of money. One word….Pintrest. It’s great for inspiration for the home. I LOVE the Arts & Crafts section. I’m so happy that I could basically find D.I.Y ways to achieve the look I want for my home. Here are some of the things I like the best. Let me know it you have any better suggestions.


There are elements in each of these kitchens that I love…minus that horrible white chicken container THING on the counter in the last picture. Now these are amazing kitchens. And, you can’t really fake an amazing kitchen. If I am not able to buy a house with the perfect kitchen built in, I will slowly make it over myself. There are two requirements that I have. Stainless steel appliances & a large island in the middle. If I pick a home with wood carvings that I like, then i can stain them to my taste. Also I can just replace things as I go. Like new counter tops this year, new floors next year…you get it.


I really would rather be doing anything else than laundry. But I learned in college that it is necessary part of life. Therefore, I want to make that part of life as enjoyable as possible. I’m thinking bright colors, a mini TV, a little soft bench to rest on like the one above, and last but not least, big wicker baskets for easy carrying and organization. And I actually do plan on painting the walls this nice calm green color. It would keep the room bright. And the family photos & some decorative wall hangings could also serve to make my washing experiences less dull.

And that’s all I have so far. I’ll make another post when I figure out what else I want. Actually i’m pretty open to the rest of the home, as long as my kitchen and laundry room  are a certain way. Mostly from now on i’ll be focusing on home decor instead of the actually rooms.


2 thoughts on “Planning My Future Home (on the low low) ; )

  1. Have you tried the iPad app called Houzz? Tons of beautiful designer rooms and gardens. You won’t believe what you’ll see. You’ll be able to zone in on whatever room you are wanting to look at. You can save all photos to your own album to be able to share or view whenever you want to. I love Pinterest too.

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