Growing My Hair=No Heat

I always get SOOO many questions about my hair that I just wish I could direct people to my blog lol. It surprises me because they are not just from girls my age, but from grown women. It occurs to me that it is a journey for all women to learn about taking care of their natural hair. So I have written this post to explain what I do to my hair and why.

how it used to look 

then it was damaged ..u can see through the ends : (

Yes! In an attempt to get my hair back to its former glory I have sworn of flat irons, hot combs, and blow dryers….at least for a little while. I started my natural hair journey just at five months ago. After an unfortunate turn of events forces me to walk home in the rain, I decided that I was just DONE with straightening my hair. The climate where I live is extremely hot and humid. I wanted that nice sleek look. So I put lots of grease on my hair, straightened it in the morning, wrapped it up at night, and then straightened it again the next morning. AND THE RESULT……my hair looked horrible. In fact it seemed the more I tried to make my hair look good, the more it reverted to a dry, greasy, fried (slightly matted up mess). And I hated it. On that bad day, I decided that I has to get back to basics. I have always had very long hair all my life and it hurt to see it in the condition it was in. Now don’t get me wrong, my crappy hair didn’t just sneak up on me. I saw it coming, I just didn’t know how to stop it. I had even tried going natural before, but had been discouraged because my mama honestly did not like it. She has a THING against natural hair.

But apparently that day, my frustration with my hair outweighed my mother’s negativity about my hair. And I am happy to say that I have successfully made a quick transition from straightened hair to curly hair. Sometimes the best way to change is to dive right in. I was nervous about wearing my hair curly. Would I be able to get a job, what would my boyfriend think, would I get weird stares, and most importantly, would it be damaging to my hair? There were many concerns on my part about tangles and if I would be able to keep my hair from breaking off. The most important thing I think any natural should do is to first research. I had NO IDEA of how to care for hair that was not straight. Wash, blow dry, and straighten…that WAS my hair routine. But I needed a new one. I turned to forums, youtube videos, and any articles I could find. The next thing I had to realize was that my hair was different from everyone else’s. I would try a specific hair style that I would see a youtube guru do, and be upset that it didn’t turn out nearly the same as theirs. I did not truly love and accept my hair until I experimented. I learned that I could use the different styling techniques, but I had to adjust them to my hair. For example, I choose to do braid outs instead of twist outs. My hair’s curl pattern is very loose in most areas so a twist out would leave me with a big clumped together, poofy mess. But a braid out works wells with my hair’s specific texture and gives me the neat curly look I love oh so much!

growing it back

I decide to go as long as possible without putting heat on my hair. At first I only meant to wear it curly a couple of weeks at a time, but the longer I went without heat, the better my hair became. Now I plan on waiting till December to straighten it. I can’t wait. I can already tell it has grown. I think the thing that makes going natural so addictive is the actually improvement of your hair. I’m sure that like me, many women are surprised at how nice their hair really is when they give a chance. But I know that it can be an uphill battle at times. There are three main things I think women want from their natural hair:

1) Easy styling ( doesn’t take ALL day)

2) Good results (pretty hair styles)

3) Length retention (probably the most important)

And I think that all women can achieve this. The main reason I am writing this post is to give some of the reasons I have been able to make going natural work so well for me. I remember thinking that wearing my hair curly would never work for me. I would hate to think that anyone gave up because they couldn’t figure out the right ways to care for their hair. A lot of the confusion comes not from lack of information, but from an overabundance of it. After you see so many videos, pictures, articles…BLOG POSTS lol…it can get hard to determine what exactly what you should be doing with your hair. My solution: Find One Good Hair Routine. Stick with it. If something work for your hair, you don’t have to feel the need to keep changing just because you see so many different products or techniques. For starters, just use that one styling method, and branch out from there in terms of hair styles. the point is to keep hair healthy and protected. But what makes a good hair regimen?

We all have different hair. There is no one who can tell you exactly what to do to get great hair. But in my experience, growing natural hair requires a few key things.

1)  Regular Wetting

Yes, regular wetting is very important. Sometimes you may not want to loose your style…but this cannot be avoided. It doesn’t mean regular washing. Just that you should wet your hair at least once a week.

2) Good Detangling

The only way I have been able to retain my length is by detangling my hair every week. And when I say detangle , I am not messing around. I get out of the shower, section my hair, apply conditioner and olive oil, and then comb through my hair until there are NO tangles left. This is probably the most important step because curly hair sheds just like other hair, but the hair gets caught at the ends of your hair. If you do not make sure to remove the shed hair every week, it will get knotted up with the ends and break them off. Please this is Very important for growing hair.

3) Choosing a Good Style for YOU 

Please pick a style that you can MAINTAIN ! If wash and goes are your thing, then go with that. I do braid out because they keep my curls nice and separate, so no tangling. Also they last a week. One good styling and I don’t have to think about it again for about 5-7 days. If you know your hair well, you can determine a style that the upkeep is not hard for you. This way you wont get lazy or discouraged. some of the biggest mistakes I made with my hair happened when I was tired and just didn’t care right then.

If you can get these basics… you can keep up with your natural look for as long as you want. I hope this helps some ladies out there to make their hair regimens fit in with their lives more easily.

As always-Best of Luck : )


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