Done with my collage: What It All Means To ME

I’ve been thinking about image for a while now. It wasn’t until my first semester of college that the concept of “image creation” was introduced to me. what really caught my attention was that I had bought into all of those images that had been portrayed to me in the media, not being fully aware of their purpose.

When I say “image”, I do not mean just a picture that someone has taken. Whenever we see images in the media, we are often unaware of the construction process that they undergo. One picture literally means JOBS. Hours of work, editing, and revisions. All to make one glossy image that we see in a magazine, on television, or on the internet. I became obsessed with images and I am even considering going into the field of advertising. I love looking at ad campaigns and wondering exactly what was done to create it.

What it All Means to Me, is just a project I’m going to be working on. I’m going to be dissecting images, in an attempt to better understand what any future work in advertising  will involve for me. And what better place to do this than my blog. I feel like I can try anything here. I think of this as a study. When I feel like I have explored the topic far enough I will know whether or not advertising is the field of work for me.

I want to explore images as I see them everyday. But to go further than just what I see. Discovering how they make me feel, what they make me think, and how I fit into the picture. Can I relate to them? What I like and don’t like. I’ll soon find out.


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