What it All Means to Me: Entry #1

When flipping through an ad, have you ever wondered what the photographers wanted you to feel? In the past I didn’t care. But the ads made me WANT.

Now that I am considering a career in advertising, I understand how important it is to actually comprehend what I am looking at. There are things about the pictures in the magazines that make me want to purchase what is being shown to me. And it is not just the clothes. When I actually studied the pictures, I realized that in most of the ads, the clothes…weren’t that special. Of course with the exception of the aw inspiring  brand that is Hugo Boss, nothing really jumped out to me in the way of actually wearable, nice looking clothes. That is to say, the clothes weren’t that great. But at first glance I wanted to buy them. THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of image.

Take a look at image #1

What are they even doing? They are posing. This designer is creating a feeling for his brand. The woman, the men, the empty space in the background, even the coligaphy on the pole is specifically placed to create a scene. What occurred to me,was that the longer I looked at the picture, I began to notice the people less and less. It became all about the dress, and even the lighting with the shadows on the ground. Emotions are played upon to sell brands. Creativity is heavily relied upon. The designers first make the clothes with a feeling in mind. Then, the photographer is brought in to create a scene that exactly matches the feeling of the clothes. Usually, when I look at models, I don’t feel like they can relate to me. But now I see that it’s not about the models. Once the clothes and scene are selected, the people are interchangeable. Anyone could essentially fit into the “world” that has been created through the use of  the clothes, hair, makeup, lighting, and different angles.

When was the last time you took a picture with a friend, and after looking at it, wanted to go buy what you friend was wearing? Not often right? Your friend might be dressed very nicely, but you may pay more attention to a model who is not dressed as well. This is what images do. They are well constructed windows into different worlds. And the only way to reach these worlds is to buy.

To summarize, when we want to buy what we see in a magazine, we are mostly buying into that “world” that has been created for us. Do the people look prosperous, young, fun? These are merely attributes that you want in your own life, that have been applied to the clothes, products, or whatever is being sold. In many ways, these images aren’t relatable, but they are enticing. They pull the viewer in, and make them think ” Wow, I want that!”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Until next time, thank you for reading.


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