Changing Styles: Bags

Has your bag ever not quite matched your outfit, or you just wanted to add a little extra style. Well here’s how to fix that : )

All you need is:

A Simple Bag

& some ribbons

First pick whatever ribbon you want that matches your outfit. Then decide if you want something bold, cute, or a more classic look. For a bold look, take a thick ribbon and, place it at the base of one of the straps and tie a huge bow. If you want a more simple look, try it with a small ribbon.

For a classy look, take a chained headband, and tie the ribbon portion of each end to each of the front straps, so that the chain drapes in the middle. Then just make two little bows on each side. Another way to change things up, is to start with the the same draping chain, and wrap the straps of your bag. You can tie the ends together at the top, or use a small piece of tape to tape them under. The best part is, when you get ready to change outfits again, you just remove the ribbons and use ones that match your new outfit.

Just experiment with different things and have fun  : )


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