Bravery: Just My Take On It

I think I finally understand what it means to be brave. Bravery is not just the knight or the superhero in the movies. Bravery is shown by the choices that people make every single day. Bravery is when an 18 year old takes the loans they need to go to school, because they know how important their education is. Bravery is when you don’t say something bad about the person that just walked out of the room, even though everyone else does. I used to think that bravery had to be a big show. A display of strength. But now I realize that sometimes the greatest acts of bravery are the quiet ones that no one knows about. You can be brave, and be scared out of your mind. The ACTIONS count. Not how you feel. There are so many brave people in the world. So many that deserve applause. I was blessed to have a select few of these people placed in my life. Knowing people with true strength is subtle blessing. I feel that we often don’t realize the impact they have had on out lives until they are gone, or we are away from them.

I am preparing to move to a new chapter in my life…and it’s scary. I’ll admit it. But I think back to what my Grandpa taught me. The things he said to me and how he handled even the toughest of obstacles with such grace. He never complained, never spoke an ill word about anyone, and would talk to everyone. I remember seeing people with problems in his neighborhood come to him. People with drug addictions, people with problems that made most people stay away from them..just waiting to talk to him when he would sit on his porch. That’s because he was so kind. I look back and see that kindness is a form of bravery. Being brave enough to not keep people away for fear that they might hurt you.Also the ability to tell people what they need to hear. Because sometimes we don’t know what we need to do to get out of the holes we have dug for ourselves. But he would always remind them of God. And that with God, you have everything you need to be brave. He would tell me, “Grandbaby, don’t be scared. You know you always have God and me on your side”. Those words have helped me through more than I ever thought I would go through. And now that he has passed I know that I still have God on my side. The thing about being brave is that you have to believe in your purpose. Know that whatever it is your scared to do…even if it’s something as difficult as addiction, can and MUST be done because the results are worth it. YOU are worth fighting for. Part of bravery is believing in yourself and your God. So if it’s a new house, a new car, an education, a new home, or even love that you’re after, you have to be brave and try because you deserve to have the things you need and want in life, just as much as anyone else. Even if it’s not something voluntary, and you are forced into a situation that you would rather not be in, focus in on what it is you have to do and just start trying. Think of the people every day that discover they have life threatening illnesses. Instantly, their whole lives are rearranged and the main thing they have to think about is fighting for their lives. This takes a tremendous amount of bravery don’t you think. To say, “I’m going to fight, and not just give up because the road to recovery is going to be difficult and I might die anyway.” THIS is bravery. It does not matter how you feel, or what you think of yourself or your own abilities. The key to bravery is that you simply have faith, take the first steps, and fight. Whatever it is you want. Whatever is troubling you, be brave and fight for your life.

….again,these are just my thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Bravery: Just My Take On It

  1. What a beautiful commentary on bravery. I really think bravery is ordinary people doing extraordinary things, but we don’t even realize it till after the fact. Thanks for reminding us what a role God plays in all this…none of it’s possible without Him!

  2. There is something in the way you write that makes it sound so natural, so musical, so artistic. There is something in the way you write that makes us say thank you for the post. There is something in the way you write that reminds us that its our nature and that we are all growing.
    There is something in the way you write that tells us that we are up to the task
    There is something in the way you write that reminds us of the divine within us all.

    • Wow. Funny…that’s exactly how I feel about the way you write. Thank you for the compliment. There are so many amazing writers on the blogs that I read & I feel honored that you consider mine to be good.

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