Ideas For Fall

These are just some of the things I’ve been considering trying out for fall. I don’t really believe in following trends, I just make decisions about what I like based on where I am in my life at any particular time. To me fall means bold colors more so than any other season. There really is no in-between for me this year. I’m interested in colors that stand out. But not necessarily ALL bright colors. Neutrals and the strong colors of the outdoors are what I’m going for. With pops of bright color.

Ideas For Fall


I usually stick with a very neutral pallet. But lately I’ve been feeling the need to switch things up. I want either my eyes or my lips to stand out at all times. Deep colors like emeralds, golds, purples, & burgundy. Bold jewel colors that will stand out against the black eye liner I like to wear.

real color

Boots, Bags, & Leggings

Just three of the things I am trying to collect more of this fall.


I LOVE Booties…can’t get enough

Fall Fashion For Me


Of course one of the best things about the colder weather in the fall is that you I now have allll this time indoors that I have to fill. Cooking and crafts and drawing are what I love to do. I’ll do more posts on the new things I try throughout the fall season. This post was SO fun for me to make. Hope you enjoyed it : )



2 thoughts on “Ideas For Fall

  1. Love your color choices. And I love all of your Fall clothing picks! I have a website for my jewelry line and other DIY crafts & tutorials. I would love it if you’d check it out! I just posted some new pictures of my jewelry from my new Fall line that I think you’d like!

  2. Thank you. I love ALL of your jewelry! Everything is so unique and looks well put together. And I like the fact that you turned something you love to do into a business. I will definitely be a future customer : )

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