A Wash & Go That Actually Works

I thought I was one of those people that just couldn’t wear a wash and go. First of all, I have small curls and my hair has slightly different textures. The different textures always resulted in tangles. Part of my hair would hang lower and the other would shrink up and seem to wrap around itself and tangle. I know that sounds like a lot for hair to be doing but that’s what always happened xD

Anyway, I’ve been on my natural hair journey for about six months now. When I first decided not to use heat on my hair I found that twist outs worked best for me, because they help to stretch my hair when it was at the awkward middle length. UGH! I hated that length. But lately my twist outs haven’t been lasting as long. My hair has grown long enough now that it doesn’t make much of a difference in the length it hangs if I braid it or not. It may be the changing seasons, or it may be that my hectic schedule isn’t allowing enough time to let my twists dry properly(probably that). Either way, I was looking for a new way I could wear my hair to keep it healthy. I decided to try the wash and go one more time.(God knows why, given how it turned out the last time)

But this time IT WORKED! ….& it is because of this technique ❤


Oh how one video can change everything! As stated in the video I made sure to well detangle my hair. But when I got ready to put the gel in, I ran into problems. Now when it comes to my hair, I’m a really care free person. I believe that as long as you take special care of your hair and use good styling techniques, it doesn’t really matter what products you use. And it’s never caused me any problems. Before today….

Gel. I get it now. What gel you use is important. And if you attempt this, I suggest you use a good hair gel. I just picked up some Tresemme Hair gel a while ago & thought now would be a good chance to use it. ( I don’t ever use gel) This stuff is terrible. HORRIBLE. It had no hold and it turned white and started flaking. Just terrible. I only put it on one of my bantu knots before I realized that it was NOT what I wanted. Like always I have to say that it is just my opinion, but I hated it. After I realized that it wasn’t going to work I remembered that I had some Wen styling cream that I received as a gift when I ordered the Wen Hair Care System. It worked like a gel. I have to say that I actually really love it even though I wasn’t so crazy about the Wen itself. I’m going to look into either buying some more of the Wen gel, or using the gel that she used in the video.

I put the styling creme on my hair and finished with a little more olive oil then repeated the process as directed and my hair came out great! I love it. It greatly reduced my shrinkage and my hair was very soft. It also had a lot of shine & movement. I wanted to make sure you could see how defined and bouncy my hair turned out. So I just got a quick little clip of the results : )

If you’re looking for a good & pretty fast wash and go, Try this 🙂 I hope this helps someone, and as always

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Peace & Blessings


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