Stain Glass Butterfly Makeup

Holloween is coming up! So I decided to experiment with a few makeup looks that would be festive, but not too scary. If you’re like me, scary just isn’t your thing. This one is my stain glass butterfly look.

What You’ll Need:

-About six or seven eye colors.(preferably primary colors)

-pencil eye liner

-liquid eye liner

-eye shadow brush

-little foam eye shadow applicator

-mascara & eye lash curlers

To start off, pick what colors you want your actual eyes to be. I picked purple because that’s my favorite color. Make the inner corners of your eyes white and then blend out the rest of your eyes with the purple. Lightest colors on the inside and darkest on the outer  corners. You may want to put a little pop of extra color on the middle of your eye lid for contrast against the monochromatic shades. I used gold.

When you are done with that step, you can begin to line your eyes. Start by lining your eye lid with the black pencil eye liner. This is because it looks better to have a definite winged eye with the decorative butterfly wing. Draw a thin line and wing it out at the end. Then line the bottom of your eyes. After that, take your liquid eye liner and draw the butterfly wing. After you’ve made all the lines on the inside of the wing, take a small foam applicator and fill in each section with a different color. I chose primary colors to give it the stained glass look and it added a nice contrast against the shimmery eye shadow on my lids. Use the colors closest to your eye color in the inner wing and expand into different colors in the outer wing. (Example: I used purple, so I made the innermost section blue and mixed it with a little purple) You may need to line your wings again. Then draw lines through some of the sections for the final stained glass touch.

Finally, curl your lashes and apply mascara . My lashes are long but if yours are short you may want to apply fake lashes for  a more playful look. I apply the mascara last because I don’t want any chance of my eyes getting watery while i’m still trying to focus on making the wings.

And You’re Done!

Hope you try this look for Holloween or any festive occasion. I only did one but if you’re going to be out in public you may want to make two.

Thanks for reading =)


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