the creative child

Never forget who you  were ARE.

I cannot express how much I can relate to this saying right now. Art is hard to define. Being an artist can be confusing.Sometimes I wonder if I really am any good at it. I wonder if anyone will like anything I do. Does it even matter? There are so many mixed signals when it comes to being an artist. You are supposed to make art that comes from your soul, but you actually do need to make a decent income to survive. A lot of people start out with the passion to do art, but by the time they graduate, they have lost all their passion and changed to a different major. Up until yesterday, I was in jeopardy of becoming one of those people. What changed me? I had an epiphany! While standing around at my job,something came over me. I picked up a scrap piece of paper and began to draw…it turned out beautifully. I know this may not seem like much, but to an artist who has been doubting herself, this was a great realization. That I could create freely and have something turn out well. It was conformation that I am going into the right field. I honestly had not felt that free when making art since I was a child.


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