Uniform Rebellion!!! …well a little

In an ideal world, we could all wear what we want to work and not look like idiots…but this is not an ideal world. There are a lot of jobs that require people to wear uniforms. And I, like many young adults am one of those people. I have a uniform. A black shirt and khaki pants. Yep that’s about it. Now it’s no secret that customer service jobs can..ahem..take a tole on ones own self esteem and self worth. Lets face it. PEOPLE CAN BE JERKS. And as trivial as it may seem, the way you look, even at the most simple of jobs can have a great effect on how you feel. That’s why I’m writing this post. These are the basics of what you can wear with your work uniform to show a little more of YOUR personality.

Undershirts with long sleeves work well. Especially when it is cooler outside 

I feel like jewelry is the most important part. The pieces you wear give off different vibes. What look do you want today? Classic, Bohemian, edgy?

Untitled #66

Don’t be afraid to push the envelop a little. The best way to express your style and still mind the dress code, is to make sure the other colors you wear, work well with the colors of your uniform. You don’t have to match, but your choice in accessories and undershirts should be a nice compliment to the clothes you have to wear…think of it as putting together a nice outfit, based around the uniform. Just a few simple changes can have a positive effect on the way we work. When you don’t really have a say in anything else, it’s nice to know you have some control over what you look like.


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