Ideas for Makeable Decor (bedroom)

Buying or renting a place to live can be very expensive. It’s usually a big transition, and for me the same thing always happens. I Rush into moving(for various reasons)…then focus all my money and attention on necessities and adapting to my new environment. I say i’ll decorate later. But then I get so caught up with life, that eight months to a year later, I notice that my living space is a blank hole with things just haphazardly lying around. I think,” My home looks like crap! When did this happen????” It seems that the longer I wait to decorate, the more of a chore it is to me later on, when the newness of the house has worn off. But I am preparing for another move, and this time things will be different. I promised myself that I WILL NOT let time go by without putting anything up on the wall. I WILL NOT leave that last box of miscellaneous items sitting in the corner of the living room with the intention of “unpacking that one later”. And I will never again allow my room to be dumping ground that I never look at until it’s time to go to sleep. As much as I’ve neglected it in the past, I need a nice space to be able to relax. Because I’m young and have a hectic life, I’m not at home that often. But when I am there I want it to be a calm experience. A place where I can just enjoy myself, and not feel the urge to get up and do something.

Now I still have to address the issue of the money. Lets face it, a new move doesn’t usually leave a lot of spare money to shop for decor. SO I decided I can make my own. Here are some of the ideas I found that I would like to make for my new room.



This is the project I am most looking forward too. I mean why not. I already have a lot of books that I don’t read anymore, and the styrofoam ball I need is very cheap. Overall I love everything about this. I love to read and what a great way to express that!

cozy dorm room


christmas lights room

I love both these ideas for lights. I have always wanted lights hanging in my room. And the canvas lights idea is so easy.

As far as color schemes I’ still undecided. I am leaning towards a bright and colorful room, but  barker colors might be more mature. I just don’t want anything too dark.

color scheme 1




I will do an update later when I’m all moved in and begin decorating. So far I think I have a lot of good ideas for my new room. I hope I can execute everything as well as in the pictures 😉 Feel free to let me know which color scheme you think I should go with…I’m still having a really tough time deciding.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Peace. Love. & Blessings.



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