Five Great Christmas Gifts

#5 Star Wars Head Phones

These head phones are COOL! And the Helmets also double as a microphone that you can plug in and use with your cell phone 🙂
Price: $15.99 US
Click Picture to buy



#4 Barnes & Noble Gift Cards

Because you can NEVER EVER EVER have enough books. Does anyone else feel excited/overwhelmed when they walk in a Barnes and Noble store? I feel like I’m about to jump out of my skin when I think of all the books I can buy. Ahhh new books. It’s easy to spend way too much in a bookstore. And that’s where you come in! You’re basically buying your friends a ticket to explore new worlds. Price:10-$350 US -depending on how much you want to spend Click the picture to buy gift card b&n

#3 Hot Chocolate Kit

What can be easier or more comforting during the holidays than hot chocolate. Just fill a jar, mug, or a little bag with the coco mix, and some marshmallows. You can even make it more special by adding peppermints, small candies, and a small stencil that they use to make designs with spice on their hot chocolate.
Price:It can be as cheep as you want. If each person gets one mug, then you can just buy the ingredients and divide them accordingly.


#2 Homemade Bath Melts

Even the men will love this…though they may not admit it 😉 Winter generally makes your skin dry, so why not give a gift that will relieve some of that dry skin.
Price: Just the price of the ingredients.
Click the picture to see how to make these.

bath melts



Because what’s better for Christmas than spending time with the ones you love. Invite your friends and family, hang lights around the room, put on some Christmas movies and you pretty much have the perfect atmosphere. As for food, sliders, warm baked goods and some..ahem..”spiced punch” are all you need. Price: I’d say you could really keep this one under $80 dollars. Especially if you’re willing to cook and bake the food yourself.


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