Peter & The Wolf

I haven’t been enjoying many of my classes. That is to be expected of classes that have nothing to do with your major. However I have been enjoying music. I play the clarinet and have been in a band in the past….it appeals to the artsy side of me : ) But today we were discussing how music can evoke a wide range of emotions and I know you’re thinking DUH I KNEW THAT. But I had only noticed it in the context of background music in commercials and t.v. It wasn’t until I was looking at Youtube videos of orchestra’s that my professor recommended for us, that I really began to imagine the story that the music was telling. Stories in a major are happy & stories in minor are sad. I LOVE being able to apply what I learned lol.

Anyway, I came across this little movie and decided to share it.Narrated by Winnie the Pooh.(whom I Love) This is the simplest version I could find where the music really does tell a story. Peter and the Wolf (Disney version). Originally composed by Sergei Prokofiev . ENJOY : D


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