My Dog


When I saw this picture, I had to post it. Whoever thought an animal would become such a special part of my life. But it happens every day. We get pets when we are young and think that they will be fun to play with, and they are, but they also add more to our lives than we can imagine. Today while walking my dog Me’Me we were quickly approached by a Mastiff.The dog was absolutely mammoth. His head was level with the middle of my back. And yes, I am on the short side but STILL. The dog was big. I’m grateful that the dog (Otis) was a gentle giant. My little Me’Me (a shih-tzu) was caught totally off guard and as a result began to make quite the fuss. Otis walked up so quickly that I did not have time to see him before he was upon us. The only thing I could think to do was pick Me’Me up and start walking away. And of course he followed us. I was nowhere near my front door so there was nowhere to run. I walked slowly so as not to upset him. Me’Me, still shrieking, was in a little ball, curled tightly in my arms. Still provoking the other dog. And there I was, preparing to have my back ripped to pieces, all to protect my little yelping dog that would not listen to me and would not BE QUIET. Suddenly a man appeared from around a little house. Apparently he helps to run a small garden center that is set up outside my apartment every spring and summer. Otis was his dog and had been quietly hidden amongst the plants for weeks until this morning, when he decided to come out and make a new friend. When the owner called him my panic subsided and I realized that the dog really was sweet and had not barked one time. Otis went back to his master, confused as to why Me’Me did not want to be his friend, and we went back into my apartment. I was still very shaken up at what could have been a terrible turn of events. As I sat down on the couch and Me’Me ran to get her plastic hotdog, a thought occured. I must really love her. Me’Me honestly did not listen to anything I told her and growled and barked and kicked at the dog, making matters much worse. Any dog that wasn’t as kind as Otis would have attacked us. In that situation, the sane thing to do would be to throw the crazy screaming dog down and run for my own life. But I picked her up, shielded her, and waited to be mauled in place of her. Me’Me is family. I have had her since I was 14. We have shared holidays and parties, as well as sick days and funerals. She’s always there when I need a little unconditional love. I know there must be others who love their pets this much.



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