Finally Done With Classes

Finally Done With Classes

YES people! Rejoice!!!! Well I know I am.
Today was my last day of classes. I took my final exam in music and got a perfect score. This semester has been so difficult for me. Working full time and going to school don’t mix well. I was either late to class, missing parts of my homework, missing all off my homework, or absent all together. But, by God’s grace I finished and didn’t fail all my classes. Moving to a new city and tackling all of this on my own was more than I thought I could bare. In the end, the experience showed me how strong I was. Hopefully this summer I can get a better grasp of what I need to be doing. Next semester I’ll try t schedule my classes so that I only have to go in a couple of days. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have to work 8 hours and then getting up and going to school for ONE 50 minute class.

Also an note to any art majors who may be reading this…..just go to an art school. I’ve tried a regular college and it’s just not the same. I will definitely be transferring to an art college so that I can get more focused on my actual major. I have wasted to much time and energy on classes that had absolutely nothing to do with my future career.

Anyway! On to summer plans. Hopefully I will be able to get a vacation together even though I have not been planning for anything. I feel like summer snuck up on me. But I could not be more relieved.


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