How to: White Glitter Nails



White glitter nails. You’ll only need three polishes. White, Silver Glitter, and a clear top coat. Since I don’t wear acrylic I like to make my nails as thick as possible. I usually put about three clear coats on my nails first.(make sure its fast drying. otherwise the process will take too long) then I applied two coats of the white polish. Let it dry and then apply another coat of clear.

Moving on to the glitter. Take the silver glitter polish and apply it first starting at the tip of the nails, making sure that most of the glitter is concentrated at the ends. Then pull a little of the glitter further onto the rest of the nails to create a gradient effect. You may want to repeat this process again depending on how strongly you want the glitter to show up. (I did three coats) At this point the nail polish will be very thick. If you notice any irregularities just file it down. Finally apply at top coat and you’re done! You make want to apply a fresh top coat every couple of days. It may seem like a lot, but my nails have lasted me about three weeks now. I think those are good results not using acrylic or gel. In the past I have always had to repaint them every week. If you decide to try this out please comment and tell me how it worked out for you. Tell me if there is anything you did differently that maybe worked better or faster : )

9432866595_normal (2)


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