Day 7: Changes to Come



Whew! What a day. I barely got this post done. So….things to come. One change I’m definitely looking forward to is winter so I can straighten my hair. I haven’t seen it straight in a year and two months. I had damaged it so much that I just decided that it would be best to leave it alone and let it grow back. Especially since in the south it gets HOT and If I sweat at all my hair gets too poofy anyway. I have been seeing so many hairstyles that I can’t wait to try & i think I’m want to put least on my bangs.

What do you think of these?

purple hair I want

I’m REALLY leaning toward the purple.  It’s my favorite color and I think it looks so pretty with black hair.

red hair color i want

I think red looks good with black hair too & I love big hair.

Besides my hair, I have a lot of other changes. I was just thinking today about how much my life changes every year. I’m really excited because I’ going back to school and studying something I really love. When I think about starting school, moving, and changing jobs I feel a little overwhelmed sometimes but I know that with God I can handle it.

So those are some changes to come for me : )



2 thoughts on “Day 7: Changes to Come

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