Day 8: Routine

69248700450_normalI actually HATE shaking the shake weight lol. I have two of them and I just lift them like normal weights.

Day 8 is late I know, but bare with me. Yesterday was supposed to be about my routine. But yesterday was anything but routine. I woke up feeling sick, barely got to work, and when I did there was nothing but drama on the job. Then I had to run errand after I got off at night….Aaaaaaaaanyway lol, I decided to take a picture of my shake weight. I actually have a workout routine now. I surprised myself because I have never been able to stick to one for longer than a few weeks before. But this one I have been doing for a month. I think the reason this workout routine has lasted is because I finally accepted my body. I have always wanted to work out to loose weight because I didn’t like the way certain parts of my body looked. Maybe I’m just more mature now, but I realized that I am healthy, I have all my limbs, my eyesight,and  that there is nothing really wrong with me and it would be ungrateful of me to keep complaining about the body God gave me. So this time when I began to exercise, I was doing it just for my health and not for superficial reasons. I think that because I wasn’t putting any pressure on myself to loose weight I didn’t feel frustrated and quit. I have been working out on average 3-4 times a week, 20-30 min at at time. The biggest change I noticed is that I feel great! I have so much more energy and my body feels stronger. I love my new routine


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