How I Feel About Love



I’ve been thinking so much about my life lately. I had been asking God what he wanted from me because I honestly didn’t feel like i had any direction. Everything that I thought I wanted to do didn’t work out. The most surprising this is that almost all of the things that i was fighting for mean nothing to me now. It just shows how God knows you better than you know yourself. One of the main things I asked God to show me is how he wants me to love. In the past when I loved people they always seem to let me down. After a while I think I just put up a shield and disconnected from everyone. I thought I was protecting myself from being hurt but I was only isolating myself. The truth is that I love people even if I don’t show it. And I want to have love in my life. One of the most significant things a person can is to love others. My past experiences make it so hard for me to just tell people how I really feel about them. But i feel like I am at a point in my life where I want to move on and overcome these issues with trust. I started to doubt myself. How I felt and wondering if I really knew how to love someone. I read so much information and learned about so many different perspectives. I’m happy that I did though, because it helped me to come to my own conclusions. I’ve been thinking all day and I finally came to the conclusion that I cannot help what happened in the past. I can only let go of the past and learn to love with my whole heart again. There are so many reasons not to love a person. Everyone has different personality flaws, attitudes, backgrounds, religions and opinions about the world, but when you really love someone none of that matters. You cannot help how you feel about someone, and I believe that God would never want anyone to withhold love or to not be happy because of those reasons. I am ready to love again and have better relationships with people in general. My job is simply to love with all my heart the way my God would want me to and not worry about the rest. I believe my true happiness lies in being able to love someone unconditionally no matter what they choose to believe or what life path they take. I feel that is what my religion is really meant to teach me.


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