It’s True


I have never been a loud person. I talk more when I get to know someone but even then i’m nor as loud as some other people. It’s…just not who I am. I love and accept myself now, but when I was younger I felt like there was something wrong with me. I feel like there’s so much pressure now to be this loud, bold, outrageous girl that we see in the media. And if everyone is trying to be that and it’s just not like you that can leave girls feeling like they’re not as special. I used to think no one noticed me. But that wasn’t the case at all. Negative attention is NOT better than no attention. If there are any younger girls reading this I just want to tell you that you are special. You don’t have to act our or try to be like all the other girls to get attention. If you just be yourself the right people will give you attention for the right reasons. And there is nothing wrong with being quiet if that’s your personality type. That’s all…just something that was on my mind : )


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