Massive Post! Doodle A Day Challenge : Days 5-14

Ok so, as far as challenges go….I suck. I ACTUALLY DID draw a doodle every day. But uploading just wasn’t a priority.

Anyway, I’m off work today (yes, before you judge me too harshly I would like you to take into consideration that I work full time) so I decided to do a massive upload of days 5-14. I didn’t want to over fill everyone’s feed.

I present to you my doodles with descriptions/explanations.


Day 5 is a picture of my clarinet. I haven’t been in band since middle school, but I still remember it fondly. I have always loved music and I was proud that I learned to read music.


Me this fall! I’m going to be Hot! At least hotter than the “me” in the picture….I hope 8/


Foods I’ve been craving. Sushi. Yummmm I love suchi and Chinese food. But the restaurant I was going to has really gone down in service. The food is still good, but the waiters are a little rude now. I don’t know why. Maybe they are feeling overwhelmed. But I don’t know, STILL!

Shrimp alfredo pasta. Need I say more.

The last is home made chips from whole foods. They are SO GOOD.




Day 9.My interpretation of the leaves changing into fall.


Just had to remind myself that I’m the best.


Just fantasizing over a man I cannot have. He probably thinks I’m crazy. I probably am. His face is actually not that square. He has a round face. So pudgyyyyyy!




“fighting evil by moonlight. winning love by daylight. never running from a real fight. she is the one named sailor moon!”


Day 14. really into tribal lately.

Days 15-18 coming!


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