Yay! Disney Pencils and Colorful Pens


DIY Moana Notebook

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been neglecting this blog but I will be posting a lot more. I’m so excited to share this with you all. This is my first crafting video. I’ve been planning on making one for the longest time, but I finally got around to it. I love the movie Moana and I wanted my notebook to reflect all the fun and adventure of the movie. It’s a VERY easy project and the design can be tweaked to suit your personal taste.


What You’ll Need

Large Cereal Box

Glue Stick

Gloss Mod Podge


Photo Editor

Please let me know if you decide to try it. And please like and share.



Cute Simple Illustration

Good Morning everyone! How are you? How have you been? I really want to know. I really want to know more about my followers and people with similar interests. Yesterday I woke up and just felt like drawing something. That’s … Continue reading

303 Posts ! Do People Still Blog???

I WISH that I has seen my 300th post and celebrated that, but my life’s been crazy for a while now so I paid no attention to the fact that I had reached such a milestone. I started this blog back in 2012 and it was just a place to share art, and creative things I like. I was fresh out of art school and wanted to stay current on different things that were happening in the art community. Well it’s five years later and I can officially say that I have failed at that.

Furthermore I’m left to ask myself questions. Questions like, “Why do you still do this?” “If you blog inconsistently, will people get pissed off and stop following?” And, “Do people even read blogs anymore?”

I mean blogs in the traditional sense. I have to admit, I think photo blogging is the big THING now. With apps like instagram and snapchat, people probably feel it a little more savvy and convenient to just follow along with the story of pictures on their phone, than to actually HAVE TO READ a long post about a specific topic. And yes I am guilty of it too (I just had to look up how to spell convenient). Instead of having to follow different blogs and read through paragraphs of info, a person can scroll through their phone with just a simple swipe of the finger. And it’s just EASIER! And if your life has been crazy (like mine has), looking at pictures is a good way to feel connected to the world.

SO! Where as in 2013-2015 blogging was all I heard about…..I never hear about it anymore. I have to say.

I Love It. 

Is that bad? Even worse…is that hipsterish of me. I’m ashamed. I’ve been blogging for a while, and honestly, a couple of years ago, when EVERYONE I would meet was telling me, No. PUSHING me to read their blogs. I did loose interest a little bit. I mean I would post randomly, but nothing consistent. What made it worse, is that when I would read people’s blogs, most of them had guess what…mostly pictures, and very little, to no information. The info that was there, was usually general information that was being passed around in beauty circles at the time. It seemed like more people were interested in having a blog, than in having something to blog about. But more recently, I really never hear about  blogging anymore. I mean…at all. And because more people seem to be abandoning the idea of traditional blogging, I feel inspired to blog again 🙂

I never intended to write more than 300 posts or to have almost 300 followers. I just wanted an outlet to share the things I love. That’s what blogging started out as. And I feel that is blogging at its best. People, writing honestly about things they are passionate about.

Going forward, I’ll keep posting about art, my life, interests and other topics that mean a lot to me. And there’s a calm feeling knowing that if others come and go, there will always be those of us who really do love writing and reading.

Princess Tiana Speed Drawing<3

I drew one of my favorite princess. Disney’s Princess Tiana! She’s beautiful, smart, resourceful, and kind. And I loved how her story was full of magic, but also dealt with many of the issues of real life. This video is just a speed drawing I did of her. I also drew a chibi version of her and I will include the link to that below. And by the way. sorry for the complete inactivity in 2016. I really didn’t mean to stay away so long. I explained what I’ve been up to this past year on my non-art blog here: https://mybrightnewday.wordpress.com/

If you really want to know ;p

And thanks to everyone that still follows this blog and to my new followers. This is the first blog I ever started. I love art. And I plan on sharing a lot more on this blog in the new year.

Chibi version:

I really hope to get better at making videos in the future. But in the mean time, I hope you enjoy these.

French Acrylic Practice

I LOVE to do my nails and try different styles with them. But basic french style manicures always scared me a little bit because there is really no room for error. It either looks good or it doesn’t. So this past week I decided to practice doing some on my nails. I think they turned out pretty good for a first try. I’m actually about to take them off now as I was meaning to have this post up earlier. Let me know what you think in the comments.

french nails post

French acrylic pic

I have a Question


I have a small business where I sell, glitter mixes and other things for nail art and crafts. i have tried selling with ebay and bigcartel. I see a lot of people using etsy. People with businesses, which do you like better and why? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I Finally Got Over my Fear of Charcoal :)

Charcoal has always been so..eww to me. It was always either too hard or too soft. It smudges, and I have to be very careful that I don’t place my wrist down when I’m drawing. So I have always been hesitant to use it in my art work. Recently I FINALLY had a little time do doodle. And wanted to tackle my fear. These are my first completed drawings wiith charcoal. A little crude I know, but I’m actually very proud of how they turned out. You can actually tell what everything is haha.

charcoal doodles

charcoal doodles 2