My First Ipad Timelapse 🥳

I absolutely love how this little character turned out. This is my first drawing video done on my iPad. Subscribe to my channel to see more drawing and art related videos.


I have a Question


I have a small business where I sell, glitter mixes and other things for nail art and crafts. i have tried selling with ebay and bigcartel. I see a lot of people using etsy. People with businesses, which do you like better and why? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I Finally Got Over my Fear of Charcoal :)

Charcoal has always been so..eww to me. It was always either too hard or too soft. It smudges, and I have to be very careful that I don’t place my wrist down when I’m drawing. So I have always been hesitant to use it in my art work. Recently I FINALLY had a little time do doodle. And wanted to tackle my fear. These are my first completed drawings wiith charcoal. A little crude I know, but I’m actually very proud of how they turned out. You can actually tell what everything is haha.

charcoal doodles

charcoal doodles 2

Illustration: Children’s Characters

Illustration: Children’s Characters

      It became apparent to me today that if I want to be a professional illustrator I should think of who I would like to illustrate for. I would love to give life to children’s books. I decided … Continue reading