I Finally Got Over my Fear of Charcoal :)

Charcoal has always been so..eww to me. It was always either too hard or too soft. It smudges, and I have to be very careful that I don’t place my wrist down when I’m drawing. So I have always been hesitant to use it in my art work. Recently I FINALLY had a little time do doodle. And wanted to tackle my fear. These are my first completed drawings wiith charcoal. A little crude I know, but I’m actually very proud of how they turned out. You can actually tell what everything is haha.

charcoal doodles

charcoal doodles 2


New Blog Look

So I spent at least three hours finding the right theme for ninarejoyces. I love the new theme. I think it is perfect for the direction I want to take my blog in. It’s clean so that my artwork will be center focus. Also it’s elegant and the fonts are neat and clear for when I want to write an update post like this one. I have wanted to get this done for forever. It took a sick day to finally give me the time. Now that I’ve exhausted myself and I feel all woozy…I think I’ll go to bed. Thank you again to all who have followed my blog.

Good night : )

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